For pilots seeking pleasure, serenity, and safety, we designed the AMAYA 3. Whether you want to fly with confidence in even the toughest conditions or you want to feel immediately at ease after a long break from the sport, the AMAYA 3 is the wing for you.


Much more than just a first paraglider

The AMAYA 3 is the result of a purely technical approach, which ignored the fads and didn’t try to cheat the laws of physics. The result is a safe glider, which is comfortable to fly, versatile, with consistent performance in all conditions.

Well suited for training, the AMAYA 3 helps new pilots to develop piloting finesse, and it will allow more experienced pilots to continue to grow, virtually without limit.


Amaya en vol

Pleasure. Solidity. Progression.

Robust and lightweight, the AMAYA 3 is extremely versatile. Often acquired as a first wing, it also makes an excellent traveling companion due to its lightweight compact design. It is particularly well suited for exploring new sites, or in flying in conditions of unknown safety.

Hike & Fly pilots appreciate its light weight, low aspect ratio, and shorter lines, which makes it possible to launch from small remote mountain sites.

Amaya en vol



Size XS S M L
Certified weight range (kg) 50 - 70 63 - 87 79 - 103 92 - 120
Flat surface (m²) 22.33 24.15 26.12 28.25
Projected surface (m²) 19.79 21.41 23.16 25.05
Span (m) 10.27 10.68 11.11 11.55
Projected span (m) 8.14 8.47 8.71 9.16
Aspect ratio 4.73 4.73 4.73 4.73
Projected aspect ratio 3.35 3.35 3.35 3.35
Number of cells 38 38 38 38
Glider weight (kg) 3.90 4.00 4.30 4.55
Min. speed (km/h) 22 22 22 22
Trim speed (km/h) 36 36 36 37
Max. speed (km/h) 43 44 44 45
Certification EN A A A A
Upper surface & upper leading edge Porcher Sport - Skytex 38 Universal
Lower surface Porcher Sport - Skytex 32 Universal
Profils & diagonals Porcher Sport - Skytex 40 Hard
Reinforcement of the leading edge Trilam SR-Scrim, Hypalon strips, bi-component flexible rods
Lines Edelrid - Dyneema A-7850
Quick links Péguet - Delta Inox 3,5 mm
Risers Mouka - polyester strap pre-stretched 20mm



For an additional cost of CHF 250.- you can create a completely unique paraglider.

With the simulateur, choose one color for the upper/lower surface and one color for lines.

Specify their location with a screen shot when you order.




Voile Amaya 3
  • Reduced aspect ratio of 4.7 for maximum passive safety.
  • Soft leading edge reinforcements, Trilam + Hypalon + bi-component rods.
  • Internal V-Bridge System (SVB) construction: internal diagonal structures for maximum weight savings and optimized load distribution.
  • Double 3D shaping of of leading edge for optimal shape and increased efficiency.
  • TETS braking system on trailing edge improves handling for carving style turns.
  • Leading edge openings are positioned for optimum penetration and wing pressurization.
Les suspentes de l'Amaya 3
  • 4-Line design for optimum wing loading and weight distribution across the sail.
  • Fully sheathed lines for increased durability.
  • Green colored Stabilo Line for quick and easy identification.
  • Color-coded lines makes pre-flight sorting safe and quick.
  • Optimized line diameters reduce drag while maintaining proper sail tension and line strength.
  • Dyneema lines for a long service life.
Les élévateurs de l'Amaya 3
  • 20mm wide, prestretched polyster risers: for easy handling even with mittens.
  • Split A-risers: for easy big-ears in accelerated flight for increased safety.
  • Brake handles with snaps makes attachment simple and secure.
  • Swiveled brake line attachments ensures that brake lines don’t become twisted.
  • Plastic inserts in each maillons keeps the lines in place and prevents the gradual loosening of maillons
  • 2-phase accelerator: first stage increases speed smoothly and easily, second stage increases speed rapidly with increased pressure.




Package contents

Accessoires livré avec l'Amaya 3
Sac deportage de l'Amaya 3
Size Volume Weight Delivered with
M 110 l 1165 g Paraglider XS & S
L 150 l 1220 g Paraglider M & L



Press review

Parapente Mag


" A simple wing, designed to last, combining the modernism of 3D shaping with the classicism of no rods ".

" The AMAYA 3 is a reassuring wing with characteristics that set it apart".

" Surprisingly lightweight ".

Philippe Lami, Comparatif voiles A, Parapente Mag n°174