Weighing just 3.3kg in size M, the new BAGHEERA harness is a lightweight, compressible hammock style cocoon harness which will delight ambitious cross-country pilots.


Lightweight with extraordinary glide

During the development of the BAGHEERA, weight reduction was achieved by optimizing the construction and careful choice of materials; creating a harness without compromise, down to the slightest details. The BAGHEERA makes active piloting instinctive, enabling the pilot to anticipate the air mass, producing a sensation of extraordinary glide.

des matériaux réfléchis


Unique in its comfort

The BAGHEERA is special in how it distributes support along the lumbar spine, virtually eliminating any pressure points. This allows the pilot to realize long unforgettable lights without developing fatigue due to discomfort.


Attention to the smallest details !

The removable speedbag can be removed and reassembled in 30 seconds! Even the Small speedbag can be fitted to the M harness for pilots with short legs. The BAGHEERA is, above all, very stable feeling with a semi-rigid seatboard and split-leg design. Using the inter-leg adjustment, it is possible to switch between a classic seatboard-style feel and a split-leg hammock-style feel. This adjustment can be made in-flight in a simple and intuitive way, allowing the pilot to adapt the harness to conditions in the moment.

sellette BAGHEERA



Size M L
Pilot height (cm) 165-180 175-195
Seatboard depth (cm) 37.5 40
Hang point height (cm) 44 47
Chest strap width (cm) 38 - 48 40 - 50
Weight with carabiners (kg) 3.3 3.4
Certification EN 1651:1999 EN 1651:1999


Package contents

Accessoires livrés avec la selette BAGHEERA



Press review

Jeff Masson

"The BAGHEERA is a very comfortable harness, which allows you to save energy on long flights. The hybrid inter-leg adjustment between a classic seatboard-board style feel and a split-leg hammock-style feel is a marvel. One is free to choose according to the airmass, and all the adjustments are easily accessible in the air. This harness is just like its manufacturer, full of humility and full of very beautiful surprises. The BAGHEERA must be tried at least once in your life! It is likely it will become your next partner in the skies."

What I liked:

Test and commentaries by Jeff Masson, Chamrousse Paragliders