SOS standard

SOS standard

A reserve low-cost,effective

A parachute without compromise

The SOS standard is a concept without compromise, certified according to the EN 12491 standard. Numerous tests and deployments in real conditions attest to the fast opening, good pendular stability, and reduced rate of descent.

The SOS Standard is intended for pilots on a modest budget for whom weight and volume of the reserve is not a priority.

Engineered for maximum safety

Enjoy the feeling of security when you fly with an SOS Reserve from Mcc Aviation. Our latest generation of reserve chutes is the culmination of over 15 years of research & development in rescue technology. They offer the highest level of performance and uncompromising safety on the market today.

When you’re in trouble close to the ground every meter counts. SOS Reserves have very quick opening times and short braking distances. In short, they work FAST! They feature elastic nylon lines to dampen the opening shock, so deployments are smooth. Their low sink rate and high swing stability ensure smooth landings.

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure durability, low weight, and small pack size.

Four model sizes cover almost every need for weight, pack size and budget, including a tandem model. They are made in Europe and, of course, have EN / LTF certification !

For pilots who want a reliable and effective reserve on a modest budget

Technical data

SOS standard M L XL
Maximum take-off load kg 90 110 135
Area 23.9 29.2 35.8
Weight kg 1.45 1.70 2.00
Panels 13 14 16
Sinkrate m/s> 5.5
Certification EN / LTF
Fabric Nebetex – Nylon 6.6 – 40 g/m2
Lines Lanex – Polyamide 3 mm – 3.4 g/m
Risers Mouka – Polyamide 20mm
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