Performance. Pleasure. Precision. The STELVIA is a new sport wing from Mcc Aviation. It was developed for cross country pilots looking for exceptional precision and comfort. With an aspect ratio of 5.7 and 61 cells, the STELVIA is a sport wing which offers both stability and sensitivity. Our R&D team has created a wing that is sporty and yet accessible (certified EN-B), which targets the most demanding cross country pilots in terms of handling, performance, and precision.



Precision and Performance.

The STELVIA is a distillation of technology and design know-how; simultaneously simple yet sophisticated. The curve of the sail, the leading edge and the trailing edge were all meticulously adjusted to achieve a cohesiveness rarely obtained. Numerous flights were made to demonstrate its superior efficiency and performance in weak and strong conditions compared to higher category wings.

Stelvia, simplicité et sophistication à la fois


Lightweight and great Handling.

The feedback from the air mass through the STELVIA is well balanced and very sensitive. Our primary design objective was to create a wing which optimizes both its ability to climb in thermals and provide a high level of security for the intended pilot. Its speed and penetration in a head-wind are astonishing. The touch of this wing is truly exceptional. Through it's precision handling, it is a pure pleasure to fly. Weighing just 4.3kg in size M, the STELVIA is an excellent choice for Hike and Fly pilots who must hike to launch before their long-distance flights.  

STELVIA, the choice of excellence.

Stelvia, légèreté et feeling unique



Size S M L
Certified weight range (kg) 70 - 90 80 - 100 90 - 115
Recommended weight range (kg) 73 - 85 84 - 97 96 - 110
Glider weight (kg) 4.10 4.30 4.55
Flat surface (m²) 23.36 25.00 26.67
Projected surface (m²) 20.52 21.96 23.43
Span (m) 11.54 11.94 12.33
Projected span (m) 9.45 9.77 10.09
Aspect ratio 5.70 5.70 5.70
Projected aspect ratio 4.35 4.35 4.35
Number of cells 61 61 61
Min. trim. max. speed (km/h) 25-38-54 25-38-54 25-38-54
EN certification B B B
Upper & lower surface Porcher Sport - Skytex 32 Universal
Profiles & diagonals Porcher Sport - Skytex 32 Hard
Reinforcement of the leading edge Porcher Sport - SR- Scrim X15 & rods
Risers Mouka - Polyester pre-stretched 13 mm
Quick links Péguet - Delta Inox 3,5 mm
High lines A, B, C & D Liros DC - Dyneema & Cousin Vectraline - Vectran
Stab. & brakes lines Edelrid 7850 & Liros PPSL - Dyneema
Low lines Liros PPSL - Dyneema



For an additional cost of CHF 250.- you can create a completely unique paraglider.

With the simulateur, choose one color for the upper/lower surface and one or two colors for lines.

Specify their location with a screen shot when you order.



  • Reduced weight using only high-quality high-tech fabric  for minimum weight with good durability (Skytex 32 Universal).
  • Aspect ratio of 5.7 with a good passive safety.
  • Sheathed main lines are color-coded for ABCD for quick and easy identification. 
  • Unsheathed high lines for greater weight saving.
  • Sharknose with rods ensures an impeccable behavior during the take-off and flight.
  • Internal V-Bridge System (SVB) construction: internal diagonal structures for maximum weight savings and optimized load distribution.
  • Double 3D shaping of leading edge for optimal shape and increased efficiency.
  • 3-Line design for optimum wing loading and weight distribution across the sail.
  • Les suspentes de stabilisateurs, de couleur verte, sont faciles à distinguer, pour plus de sécurité.
  • Le suspentage bas est intégralement gainé pour des raisons pratiques évidentes et chaque rangée de suspentes est clairement distinguée par une couleur différente. Le suspentage haut est non gainé et épissuré.
  • Optimized line diameters reduce drag while maintaining proper sail tension and line strength.
  • Dyneema lines for a long service life.
  • 13 mm wide, prestretched polyster risers: for easy handling even with mittens.
  • Handles of competition with ergots for a precise piloting. 
  • Brake handles with snaps makes attachment simple and secure.
  • Swiveled brake line attachments ensures that brake lines don’t become twisted.
  • Plastic inserts in each maillons keeps the lines in place and prevents the gradual loosening of maillons
  • 2-phase accelerator: first stage increases speed smoothly and easily, second stage increases speed rapidly with increased pressure.




Package contents

Accessoires livré avec la Stelvia
Sac deportage de la Stelvia
Size Volume Weight Delivered with
M 110 l 1165 g Glider S
L 150 l 1220 g Glider M & L



Press review

" Everything is easy, light and intuitive. The wing stays together, no matter where I put myself in the thermal. The sensation in the brakes is soft and light. The turn is at the same time forgiving, precise, and effortless. The landing at the top of Crêt-du-Midi is a formality. I love this wing ! "

Thomas Wunderle, pilot flying with a STELVIA

" The STELVIA is a remarkable wing, the controls of this machine are precise, stable, and the feedback is frank and responsive to the actions of the pilot. Many pilots have dreamed about it, Mcc made it. To discover immediately! The STELVIA is a success! I couldn't be happier ! "

Michel Pittet, pilot flying with a STELVIA