The VICE VERSA is a lightweight reversible harness that offers comfort and support while hiking and flying. As a rucksack, it is balanced on the back for comfortable hiking. The VICE VERSA has everything you need for beautiful mountain tours and unforgettable flights.


Carrying comfort and storage space

With the center of gravity near the spine, anatomical shoulder straps, and a padded back mesh fabric with a central air duct, the VICE VERSA is comfortable to wear even during long hikes. The volume of the back pack is more than enough to accommodate a neatly folded paraglider, a change of clothes and a helmet. Side mesh pockets provide extra storage for items you may want immediately available (water bottle, gloves, hat. etc.). 

Le sac de la VICE VERSA

Ease of use and reliability

The pleasure of flying starts with ease: ease of sitting back in the harness right after takeoff and ease of transitioning out of the harness for landing. The carbon fiber seatboard design offers freedom of movement during the takeoff run, in-flight stability and control, and the ability to easily adjust the seat both on the ground and in the air. Special light-weight parachute buckles have been employed because of their jam-free operation in snowy/ icy or sandy conditions. These are some of the characteristics that make the VICE VERSA a comfortable and reliable harness in any conditions.



The VICE VERSA is equipped with an airbag that offers full seat and dorsal protection. The airbag itself has been designed to offer effective protection from the first seconds of flight. Fasteners have been selected for their ease of use and reliable jam-free operation in harsh mountain environments. The Vice Versa uses the 3S Strap System (Safety Strap System) to ensure uncompromised security.

L'airbag de la VICE VERSA



Size S M L
Pilot height (cm) 152-168 163-183 175-196
Seatboard width (cm) 32.5 34.9 37
Seatboard depth (cm) 34.5 36.8 39
Hang point height (cm) 42 45 48
Chest strap width (cm) 37 - 43 40 - 46 43 - 49
Weight with carabiners (kg) 3.00 3.25 3.50


Package contents

Accessoires livrés avec la selette VICE VERSA



Accessoires livré avec la selette VICE VERSA

A removable pocket cap can also be purchased separately to increase the storage space of the pack. A speedbag can be fixed on the seatboard (two sizes available S-M and L-XL) and a cockpit can be fixed to karabiners.Accessoires livré avec la selette VICE VERSA