Harness compact,comfortable

Great comfort to fly relaxed

The ARIA has adjustable and padded shoulder and leg straps a tilt adjustment of the backrest and a quick adjustment of the chest straps.

So it can be optimally adapted to you and you can even choose whether you want to fly upright sitting or lying position in half. The generously padded backrest provides very pleasant comfort.

A lot of built-in security.

The ARIA makes no compromise on safety. The immediate available dual airbag includes the back. Ideal in the starting phase. A rescue container is located under the seat.

The easily accessible parachute handle is mounted on the right. For upright landings after a save tripping the suspension provides on the shoulder straps.

Continuous belts are protected against mechanical damage and aluminum pushbutton locks protect against unwanted openings and precipitation by sand and snow. An all-round safety harness for your flight adventure.

Storage space for everything you need.

The ARIA comes with a large back pocket, a side pocket and radio pouch so you can chat with your friends.


Carabiners Edelrid 40mm


Accelerator bar




Pocket for radio

* Non-contractual visual

Ideal as the first harness, the ARIA offers great sitting comfort and stability

Technical data

Pilot height cm 150 – 170 160 – 185 175 – 200
Seatboard width cm 32.5 34.9 37.0
Seatboard depth cm 34.5 36.8 39.0
Hang point height cm 39 42 45
Chest strap width cm 38 – 43 40 – 46 43 – 49
Weight of the harness kg 2.35 2.50 2.70
Certification EN / LTF


Package contents

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