Light and compact, it is the ideal wing for new adventures !

Lightness,Compact,Hike & Fly

The high level of passive safety and great flight comfort allow the VOLTEA’s potential to be exploited to the maximum

Technical data

Total weight in flight ¹ kg 50 – 70 65 – 85 80 – 100 95 – 120
Flat surface 21.58 23.34 25.00 27.04
Projected surface 18.99 20.54 22.01 23.80
Span m 10.59 11.02 11.40 11.86
Projected span m 8.71 9.06 9.37 9.75
Aspect ratio 5.20 5.20 5.20 5.20
Projected aspect ratio 3.99 3.99 3.99 3.99
Number of cells 51 51 51 51
Glider weight kg 3.10 3.25 3.40 3.60
Speed min.-trim.-max. 23-37-50 24-38-51 24-38-51 24-38-51
Certification EN/LTF B B B B

¹ Pilot with all equipment, ready for take off

Upper leading edge Porcher Sport – Skytex 32 Universal
Upper and lower surface Porcher Sport – Skytex 27 Classic
Profiles and diagonals Porcher Sport – Skytex 32 Hard
Reinforcement of the leading edge Joncs nylon 6
Lines High: unsheathed
Bass, brake and stabilo: sheathed
Risers NMouka – Sangle polyester 13 mm



  • Reduced aspect ratio of 5.2 for maximum passive safety
  • Light doesn’t mean one has to waive robust construction and durability. The whole internal structure and the leading edge of the top panels are cut from heavier and stronger woven fabrics
  • Thin rods in the leading edge provides immediate inflation during take-off
  • The internal BVS construction (Balance V-Structure) is one of the keys to lightness and cares for the correct balance of the force induced by the lift and the vault tension. This is achieved by the wise positionning of the diagonals onto the secondary profiles
  • Three 3DS technical cuts (3D-Shaping) two in the front of the top and bottom panels allow to reduce parasitic tensions and wrinkles and help to improve glide and penetration
  • The Trailing Edge Tension System (TETS) on the top of the outer brake lines cares for precise handling and efficient climb in thermals
  • The front parts of the top panels, ahead of the technical cuts follow the grain of the fabric to guarantee the exact tension of the leading edge


  • Only the upper gallery lines are uncovered and each row of lines is easy to identify by a different coulour
  • Several different diameters of lines are used to reach a flawless strength while reducing the drag
  • Unlike Aramid lines, the Dyneema lines on the VOLTEA  show a high durability.
    Changing the set of lines should in fact never be necessary throughout the whole lifespan of the paraglider


  • 13 mm wide, prestretched polyster risers: for easy handling even with mittens
  • Split A-risers: for easy big-ears in accelerated flight for increased safety
  • Brake handles with snaps makes attachment simple and secure
  • Swiveled brake line attachments ensures that brake lines don’t become twisted
  • Plastic inserts in each maillons keeps the lines in place and prevents the gradual loosening of maillons


Package contents


Lightweight sail cover


T-Shirt S/M/L/XL

Men: Red or Sky Blue
Woman: Pink or Turquoise green




Mini windsock


Post card



Information on the Mcc Aviation inspection workshop


Compression strap

Porter bag

Size Volume Weight Delivered with
M 110 l 1165 g XS & S
L 150 l 1220 g M & L

Press Review


Zut! … Encore une aile que j’ai envie d'acheter pour moi…

Cette VOLTEA a un rapport poids et volume qui donne envie de monter au décollage en courant…

Bravo Mcc, cette aile est une réussite !

Yvan Curdy, Les Ailes du Léman (Suisse)

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