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Lightweight – Convenient – Playful

When mountaineering, your gear must be equal to the challenge. For all pilots who want to enjoy a beautiful flight after an adventure, there is the AROLLA 2.

With its modest aspect ratio and relatively short suspension lines, the AROLLA 2 is made to take off anywhere; it inflates with the slightest breath of air and pressurizes immediately.

Designed for Hike & Fly

In developing this wing, we worked on practical use in high mountain conditions. Unsheathed is used only for the upper lines that are, in principle, not in contact with the ground when laying out on launch.

The main lines, brakes, and stabilizers are all sheathed for improved durability. Color-coded lines are used to make visual line identification easy; especially important on difficult launch conditions.


The AROLLA 2 is a light mountain glider, easy and efficient designed to core thermals

Technical data

Total weight in flight ¹
Paragliding use EN-A*
kg 48 – 65 50 – 70 63 – 87 79 – 103
Total weight in flight ¹
Mini-wing use EN-B**
kg 65 – 90 70 – 100 87 – 110 103 – 120
Flat surface 20.56 22.23 24.05 26.01
Projected surface 18.25 19.73 21.35 23.09
Span m 9.83 10.22 10.63 11.06
Projected span m 7.80 8.11 8.43 8.77
Aspect ratio 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7
Projected aspect ratio 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.33
Number of cells 38 38 38 38
Glider weight kg 2.65 2.80 2.95 3.15
Speed min.-trim.-max. EN-A* km/h 23-37-45 23-37-45 23-37-45 23-37-45
Speed min.-trim.-max. EN-B** km/h 27-43-54 27-43-54 27-43-54 27-43-54
Certification EN/LTF A* / B** A* / B** A* / B** A* / B**

¹ Pilot with all equipment, ready for take off*Paragliding / **Mini-wing

Upper leading edge Porcher Sport – Skytex 32 Universal
Upper & lower surface Porcher Sport – Skytex 27 Classic
Profiles and diagonals Porcher Sport – Skytex 32 Hard
Reinforcement of the leading edge Porcher Sport – SR-Laminate & Nylon rods
High lines A, B, C & D Cousin – Dyneema Top line (unsheathed)
Other lines Edelrid – Dyneema 7850 (sheathed) & Liros – Dyneema PPSL (sheathed)
Risers Mouka – Polyester strap pre-stretched 20 mm
Brake handles Paragear – lightweight Nylon Strap 20 mm & Swivel & attachment snap

Paragliding use EN-A

Mini-wing use EN-B



  • Reduced aspect ratio of 4.7 for maximum passive safety
  • Reduced weight using only high-quality high-tech fabric for minimum weight with good durability
  • Leading edge reinforcements with Nylon rods
  • Internal V-Bridge System (SVB) construction: internal diagonal structures for maximum weight savings and optimized load distribution
  • Double 3D shaping of of leading edge for optimal shape and increased efficiency
  • TETS braking system on trailing edge improves handling for carving style turns
  • Leading edge openings are positioned for optimum penetration and wing pressurization



  • 4-Line design for optimum wing loading and weight distribution across the sail
  • Sheathed main lines are color-coded for ABCD for quick and easy identification
  • Unsheathed high lines for greater weight saving
  • Green colored Stabilo Line for quick and easy identification
  • Optimized line diameters reduce drag while maintaining proper sail tension and line strength
  • Dyneema lines for a long service life


  • 20 mm wide, prestretched polyster risers: for easy handling even with mittens
  • Brake handles with snaps makes attachment simple and secure
  • Swiveled brake line attachments ensures that brake lines don’t become twisted
  • O’ring in each maillons keeps the lines in place and prevents the gradual loosening of maillons
  • 2-phase accelerator: first stage increases speed smoothly and easily, second stage increases speed rapidly with increased pressure


Package contents

Sac Porter Light

Volume Weight Delivery with
92 l 820 g AROLLA 2

Press review


An amazing thermal efficiency

This wing deserves particular attention due to its simplicity, its versatility, and its very wide total in-flight weight range: from 50 to 100 kg for the XS!
It is a pleasure to discover how user-friendly the designed by Alexandre Paux are.

Devilishly easy and effective inflation and take-off.
The AROLLA 2 is a light and fast wing which is surprisingly versatile

Pierre Pagani

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